Zanzibar Experiences


In Zanzibar there are most beautiful islands, beach, sandbanks, coral reeves and many more just waiting for you to explore them. Experience the island life from the privacy of your self-catering holiday home, hotel or resort. Whether you are a seasoned island-hopper, or this will be your first taste of island bliss through our Holiday villas, cottages and apartments on several exciting and unique locations across Zanzibar Islands, so why not spend your next holiday on one of these hidden pearls.
Zanzibar has a wealth of activities to satisfy even the most demanding explorers from drift dives and kite surfing to dhow sunset cruise and pampering. Zanzibar is a place of culture, art and spices. From the Arabs to the Portuguese and others, Zanzibar is a heady mix of sounds, smells and visual contrasts. Zanzibar is not a wildlife destination and is most popular for its marine life and the varied species. There are various species of turtle and thousands of species of fish. Scuba diving and snorkeling are highly recommended activities. If you would like to see a little bit of wildlife, then you can visit Jozani Forest for the Colobus Monkey or you can book a short package of safari.



7 Days / 6 Nights
Zanzibar Safari & Beach  Holiday

10 Days / 9 Nights
Luxury Safari & Zanzibar  Holiday

Sightseeing Excursions 

These are remarkable natural and historic attractions / activities for your unforgettable experience.

A unique combination with several interpretive stops, that offers an overview of the people, plants, animals and geology. Discover the ancient life of the cities, villages, culture and their folklore. Opportunities to explore historic sites left by former inhabitants, colonial places that between them walls containing the history of the ancient dominion of Sultan, traditions, clothes, fragrance and the colours of the places that clearly brings back the memories, more than about old fashion by the same time the poverty of Africa.


Outdoor Activities

From the white sand Beach, Coral reef, pristine sandbank and the limpid and crystalline Indian ocean of Zanzibar, whether you enjoy sailing and live at authentic of local boats, water sports or just like to relax by the sea, we offers you all kinds of services and facilities so that you can enjoy your favorite activities while you admire the Island's coastline and beaches. Get to taste Zanzibar Sea food, grilled lobsters, cicala, crabs, squids, octopus and tuna fish with local sauces. Your meal always followed by a tasting an exotic fruits of the season.

H/Moons Special Tours

Everyone needs to go for a honeymoon at least once in a life time. We have several honeymoon package tours to various destinations, our Honeymoon Special tours are designed to create most beautiful and special memories which will last a lifetime. From alluring serene beaches, pristine sand banks, private islands, natural forest, village spa, sunsets and a very special dinner.  Our private tours suit the requirement of every couple. Rich in some quality experiences which includes romantic candlelight dinner and spa treatments.

Bike Tours

Cycling through Zanzibar is a great way to experience the beauty of the old world in a slower paced lifestyle: Quaint villages, fantastic cuisine and wines, nature, history, culture, and warm and hospitable people. We handpick the most scenic biking routes, from the city to the countryside and coast to coast. We have combined the things to do in your region, ride the finest cycling with skilled guides leading the way. Exploring a destination by bicycle allows you to really experience a region and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of a place.


Water Sports

If you are looking for fun water sports and enjoy the amazing views of Zanzibar Island then fly with Parasailing, guided Jet Ski Tours, Water skiing, Wakeboarding, Flyfish, Ringos and the ever popular Banana Boat. 

A half day trip dedicates the luxury of the white beach of the north of the island where there is invisible phenomenal of low tides and high tides of the Sea.


Diving & Snorkeling

Zanzibar is one of the best spots in Africa for underwater adventures. Tourists flock here to combine a few days of relaxation with scuba diving and snorkelling at the incredibly colourful and diverse reefs that surround the island. 
One of the best places for diving is Mnemba Atoll, located north east coast of the Island. This atoll features an easy dive down to about 20 meters and quite a bit of coral, you can also spot dolphins, whales, and sea turtles due to the deeper water in the area.


Private Islands

Fanjove Private Island

The wonderful uncontaminated nature of a tropical island, 20 miles from the coast, Fanjove Private Island is a tourist destination still unexplored. After a short boat trip, you will live an unforgettable experience steeping in an exotic sensations, Robinson Crusoe’ style. You enter in a paradise dimension; time slows down completely from everyday life, the sun, the crystal blue water, fishes and birds and a whole island to yourself, what else do we need in life?


Pemba Island

Pemba Island "The Green Island" is a Tanzanian island forming part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, lying within the Swahili Coast in the Indian Ocean, It consists many small islands.

Pemba is home to several dive sites, with steep drop-offs, the pristine, untouched coral reefs and very abundant marine life offers for experienced divers. A very adventurous travelers are seeking out the less-crowded Pemba.


Chapwani Private Island

Chapwani is a small private island of only 5 hectors surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and immersed in crystal blue waters, filled with starfish and multi-coloured corals; an amazing beach touched by the tepid monsoon; the horizon lit up by a tropical sunset. Chapwani located at the north west of Zanzibar town, which can be reached by boats in 15 minutes. Ten cosy rooms and one sunset villa furnished in local style, each one with a sea view allow you to share this exclusive resort with.....

Untouched coral reefs and very abundant marine life offers unforgettable experienced for the divers. 

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