Zanzibar is one of the best spots in Africa for underwater adventures. Tourists flock here to combine a few days of relaxation with scuba diving and snorkelling at the incredibly colourful and diverse reefs that surround the island. One of the best places for diving is Mnemba Atoll, located north east coast of the Island. This atoll features an easy dive down to about 20 meters and quite a bit of coral, you can also spot dolphins, whales, and sea turtles due to the deeper water in the area. Another spot to check out for a good reef is Kizimkazi, located on the south of the island. The entire area is part of a reef system that goes out to a barrier reef on the edge of the island, making it a great spot for snorkelling or diving. Chumbe Island –A marine Park, a protected area with access by permit only. There are several sunken shipwrecks in this area worth checking out, along with a good amount of tropical fish that often congregate around them. Tumbatu Island also makes a fun place to spend the day under the water. It’s located off the northwest of the island and features a coral reef that encircles most of the island’s five mile stretch. The best time of year to go is from June to October, when there is warm weather and low humidity.

We offer daily diving and snorkelling trips in these spots, try dives for those willing to discover scuba diving, as well as a wide range of PADI diving courses. Diving on Zanzibar offers you a stunning underwater world with schools of tropical reef fish, turtles, dolphins, nudibranchs and beautiful hard and soft coral formations. Some dives are done on the walls, some on the sloping reefs and some over the sandy bottom with rocks full of corals and fish. The dive sites are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced. We are doing two dives a day. Usually leaving at the morning and coming back around lunch time. The plans for the dive sites are made on daily basis and depend on the tides, weather, sea conditions and the size and experience of the group. During the surface interval, between the dives, we stay on the boats and we serve snacks, fruits and water. Most of the dives are done to the maximum depth of 18 to 20 meters.

Third lung / hookah diving

Hookah diving / scuba, is an easy way to experience the first stages of scuba without the unfamiliarity of first time discovery dives and traditional bulky equipment.

Minimal requirements allow our guests to hookah dive and enjoy the ocean and reefs from surface to 8 meters.

An experience far superior to traditional snorkeling.


Price: 75$ per person below 2 persons 100$


Price: 130$ per person double diving + 30$ transfer going and return.

* Hotel Pick up & Dropoff included


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