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Discover the exotic native green forest and dive in the middle of the heart of the wild. The Jozani forest reserve, lies between Chwaka bay and Uzi bay and it is the only remaining natural forest of Unguja Island and represents a very important refuge for the fauna of this island. The evergreen thicket and mangrove now all that remains is Jozani Forest. Despite this fact Jozani still boasts an eclectic Bio-diversity, with many strange and wonderful animals residing in and below the canopy of old giants. Red Colobus monkeys are the symbol fantastic of Zanzibar, the most famous inhabitants of the forest; a sub-species only found on this island, they can be seen calmly lazing around or fooling amongst themselves in the branches, their red coats a reminder of British colonial rule. But keep your eyes open and you may be lucky enough to see Sunnis (small deer), chameleons. Discovery of the small local village’ school before Welcome you to a place of rest and deeply felt relaxation. Village Spa, a place where the physical, mental and spiritual are equally cared for. A place to renew one's strength and sense of self.  Let our village women, trained girls of professionals approach your specific service needs with great care and respect. Take a break from the ordinary and surround yourself with an atmosphere of soothing relax and trickling, mashed cloves.

A delightful mini tour experience awaits you with...

  • 1.1 hour Full Body Scrub with an options: 1. Coconut 2. Coconuts & Yoghurt 3. Cloves
  • 2.1 hour Full Body Massage
  • 3.Facial with Tomato, cucumber, watermelon, honey,yoghurt, rose ans famous Swahili Liwa.
  • 4.Pedicure
  • 5.Manicure


  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-Off
  • Jozani Forest National Park Fees
  • Swahili Lunch
  • Spa Treatment
  • Governments taxes
  • Fresh Fruits & Water

  • Drinks

Price:  $200 Per person


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