The Most Romantic  - Amazing Proposals

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough and a truly great marriage proposal can be very hard to think of. Every one wants to be original, but don’t want to overdo it. All you want is your partner to say yes (and cry a lot). And the truth is “Will you marry me?” countless girls are waiting for their mate to pop this very question, and men are freaking out over how they will ask. As we are Zanzibar Island’s native and we have a very big experience in these, we have arranged a most romantic proposal for you.

Please choose one of these places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your partner (and from two to more friends or family members) to visit these places.

  • 1. Villages & Lives Walking Tour
  • 2. Nakupenda Beach
  • 3. The Rock Restaurant & Blue Lagoon

1.  Villages & Lives Walking Half day Tour

This is a unique tour encompasses wonderful scenery as well as a real insight into traditional Swahili life. It begins with a visit of the small local village house where native welcome awaits you and you will hear tales of Swahili past and present. The you will proceed with a discovery of this village that dedicate the works of coconuts, the real lives of this populations. Walking between the villages with its abundance of trees – Palm trees, orange, paw paws trees, lemon, banana trees and many more. Fisherman village, activities and women seaweed plantation, mat dressing, ropes making, hear dressing and many more.

In this one we set your proposal at the Sea weed plantation.

2.  Nakupenda Beach Full day Tour

Nakupenda (In swahili means I LOVE YOU) is the name of an amazing sandbank located just off Stone town. A Full day trip dedicates Prison Island’s giants tortoises visit, snorkeling, sunbathing, taste of Sea foods and seasonal fruits. The adventure start from Zanzibar Port, with our local motorboat we ride toward Prison Island, this island the native calls“ CHANGUU ”that means GIANTS TESTUDIAL.20mins across the sea, we visit the tortoises and the island, then our adventure will continues forward for snorkeling off Prison island, viewing stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the islands before reaching our dream place Nakupenda. A place where brilliant birdlife exists, very white sand, limpid and crystalline water.

In this one we set your proposal in a star fish.

3.  The Rock Restaurant & Blue Lagoon

The Rock, a world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar and Italian love. The Blue Lagoon is just Off Michamvi Peninsula it’s snorkeling trip is tide dependent, so always necessary to check for high and low tide, low tide is usually better for sight and with calm water which makes it better underwater visibility of corals and fish as well as for swimming itself. The turquoise blue water invite you a lovely exploration of tropical fishes and reefs! There is abundance of tropical colorful little fish: parrot fish, Lion fish, Zebra fish, Triggerfish, Goat fish, Cornet fish, Eel, Squirrel fish, Surgeon fish, Blue sea chub, Yellow Boxfish, Butterfly fish and many more.

In this one we set your proposal on a snorkeling, or at the lip of sandbank or during exploration of the star fishes. 

Price: $100 per person


  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-Off
  • Conservation Fees
  • Snorkeling Equipments
  • Lunch (The Rock excluded)
  • Fresh fruits
  • Water
  • Professional Guide