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Zanzibar Tourism Development Network

The mission of the Government of Zanzibar regarding tourism development is to be the most exotic, diverse islands destination in the Indian Ocean, exotic as it is wrapped in a mysterious Arab/African ambience and flavored with palm fringed, tropical beaches.

Us as Bookings Central Tours & Safari provide life-changing support to the local people and communities throughout Tourism. We serve areas of the Islands through international volunteers, empowered by corporate and individual sponsors. The gift of life-changing is possible due to a combination of our passion and your donations. We encourage you to play a vital role in our continued effort to provide support for the many families who need our help.

Educate Children

Going to school and getting an education is every child’s right. The Government of Zanzibar offers free education for the children, but school needs such as uniforms, books and exams fees are compulsory, but many orphans and vulnerable children cannot afford them. When their school fees, uniforms and other school necessities are provided, orphans and vulnerable children are able to go to school with dignity.

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Youth Programme

We believe that young people can transform our Islands as actors in achievement of sustainable development. Without an empowered youth, it is impossible to enhance citizens.

Our programme is to empower youth through Sports. Sports can transform young lives and communities to the social change. We assist youth development through sports by supporting the most disadvantaged areas of the Islands. We work with local communities, teams to make them more sustainable and impactful.

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It is a well-known fact that villages development of rural areas are lagging behind in social economic development due generally to prevalence of very low level of literacy and education, heavy dependence on primary production (Agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery etc) and physical infrastructure.

On the last decade, the development and trend of tourist travel is marked by the motivation and pattern of new tourist trips made by tourists, especially on the segment of the well-defined, experienced, educated tourist market which has a high level of awareness of issues of conservation and environmental empowerment in the community as well as local culture.

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Thank you on behalf of our team and our international volunteers and the families we serve!

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