Zanzibar is the islands of the spices, the ancient transit of the merchants of the old world. The fragrance of this lands are invade at the every angle of the global and recalls their names and their exotic aroma remains on sensitive like that of cardamom and their nutmeg, gingers and their vanilla or intense of fruits cloves themselves are the enough symbol of the island that are painting the plantation SHAMBA by their beautiful colors. In Stone Town the trip will dedicates the discovery of ancient life of the city of the suspended weather, culture and their folklore. The discovery of ancient buildings the doors owe their distinctive brass studs to India. House of wonder (the palace of Sultan No.1)  The old Anglican church (before -was the slave market)  The born house of  Freddy Mercury , Sultan Palace, The Portuguese old forte, Old market of fruits, vegetables and fishes, Countless shops to buy various goods (antiques, pictures, traditional clothes, valuable handcrafts est.)


Departure: Variable 

Price: 75$ per person , Children –50%

* Hotel Pick up & Dropoff included