These are remarkable natural and historic attractions/activities for your unforgettable experience. A unique combination with several interpretive stops, that offers an overview of the people, plants, animals and geology. Discover the ancient life of the cities, culture and their folklore. Opportunities to explore historic sites left by former inhabitants, colonial places that between them walls containing the history of the ancient dominion of Sultan, traditions, clothes, fragrance and the colours of the places that clearly brings back the memories, more than about old fashion by the same time the poverty of Africa.



Every day:  9 am  to  1 pm    or    3 pm  to  6.30 pm

This is a great combination of the two activities, Spice tour and Stone Town tour in Zanzibar. A half day fantastic trip for the discovery of what hides in this Island, get to know the origins of all spices toward plantation (Shamba), recycle bin of the uncountable spices. Then proceed with the discovery of ancient life of the city of the suspended weather. The crossroads of Stone Town, various traditions from East Africa are meets, the local fashion of the dark cloths, colonial places, history of the ancient dominion of Sultans, traditions, clothes,  Read more…



Every day: 9 am to 1 pm   or   3 pm to 6.30 pm 

A great combination of the two activities that formed a unique full Stone Town’s History and Nature tour. We will bring you to the brightness of ancient life of the city of the suspended weather, discovery of colonial buildings such a House of wonder (The Palace of Sultan No.1)  The old Anglican church (before was the slave market)  The born house of  Freddy Mercury , Sultan Palace, The Portuguese old forte, Old market of fruits, vegetables and fishes. Visit Prison Island, a former prison for slaves and a quarantine station for Zanzibar and Read more…



Every day7 am to 1 pm 

Your adventure starts from the fishermen village of Kizimkazi and you will see a foresight of fishermen at the shore while you are on the motorboat  going to view, snorkel and spot some dolphins. The adventure will then continue at the entrance of the exotic native green forest and dive in the middle of the heart of the wild. The Jozani forest reserve lies between Chwaka bay and Uzi bay and it is the only remaining natural... Read more