COVID-19 Update

September 10 2020


Dearest Customers, 

In an effort to help our industry in these difficult times, the safety and well being of you our valued clients and us in general are our top priority. Following are our safety precaution for all new clients:

* Before you start your travel, please make sure you OK, don’t have fever

* Now it’s mandatory to wear a face mask during whole the period of activity,

* We kindly ask you to bring your own face mask, and, for our sustainability we recommend a reusable cloth mask.

* Social distancing it’s important throughout experience

* Drivers, guides and the tour leaders required to wear a face masks all the time

* The guides will remain in the boats during a snorkeling time, and will jump only in case of an emergency. Then will remain with snorkeling mask in the water, and keeping distances for breath taking.

* We recommend you to bring your own snorkeling masks; shoes/fins will be available on the boats. In case of need of our snorkeling masks, then will be washed by 75% Alcohol mixed.

* All credit cards payments will be done through email transaction,  

We want you to know that our experts remain available to you in 24/7. If you have any questions regarding current situation, re-scheduling of trips or anything else related to your travel, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we can ensure that the experiences remains very safe even in this unprecedented time.


We appreciate your continued support. We wish you all the best, and hope you stay safe & healthy.



Warmest Regards,    

Giuseppe S.A Yussuf

Managing Director