A half day trip dedicates the discovery of ancient life of the city of the suspended weather, culture and their folklore. Walking around Zanzibar's famous Stone Town where various traditions from East Africa are meets, the local fashion of the dark cloths, colonial places that between them walls containing the history of the ancient dominion of Sultan, traditions, clothes, fragrance and the colors of the places clearly brings back the memories, more than about old fashion by the same time the poverty of Zanzibar

Prison Island, this island the native calls“ CHANGUU ”that means GIANTS TESTUDIAL. You will get in, 20mins on motorboat across the sea, the most interesting trip that brings you, A foresight of the Zanzibar Port and the beautiful preview of the city of Stone Town far side while you are in the sea to Changuu, Giants tortoises in the JURASSICK PACK.


Departure: Variable

Price: 75$ per person, children –50%

* Hotel Pick up & Dropoff included